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Learn Quran Online from the Best Quran Teachers

By Admin
2022-01-05 |    0

The Quran is the holy book for Muslims that contains teachings for every moment of life. Muslims believe that the teachings carried by Quran are unmatchable and cannot be found in any other book in the world. The Quranic revelations are regarded as the sacred word of God which are intended to correct the errors in the previous holy books.

Why Learning Quran is Important?

It is believed that Muslims can relate to their religion only if they devote themselves to the teachings of this Holy Book. The recitation of the Quran by Muslims and implementing it in their daily lives also brings many rewards and blessings from Allah. It is considered as their religious duty to learn the Holy Quran.

Benefits of Learning Quran Online

As directed, Muslims do not just need to read and recite the Quran, but they are also required to learn it by heart. However, it can become a challenge without proper guidance. Online Quran learning has opened several doors for Muslims who want to learn Quran from expert Quran teachers.

There are several benefits of learning the Quran online which are discussed below:


Online Quran learning is self-paced where you can set the pace for yourself, unlike a traditional classroom where the teacher sets the pace. It becomes easier and less stressful for the learners to complete the course by themselves without coping with anyone else’s pace.

Access to Global Quran Experts

Online Quran learning platforms have worldwide Quran experts registered and learners can select from a wide range of experts after going through their CVs and experience. Many platforms also have free trial classes available to check if the teacher suits their learning style or not.

Saves Money/Time

The greatest advantage of learning the Quran online is that it saves a huge amount of time and money. Learners do not have to travel for the classes which completely cuts off their commute time. Moreover, online classes are much more affordable than traditional classes making it a preferred option.

One-to-One Interaction

Many Quran learning platforms also support one-to-one sessions with the students along with group sessions. The learners who feel they require the complete attention of the teacher can opt for one-to-one sessions with the teacher. As a result, learners learn better and make quicker progress.

Classes for Every Age Group

Many elderly people want to learn the Quran with proper Tajweed but feel hesitant to join any institute. Online learning enables people of any age group to learn the Quran without any apprehension.

Why Choose NoorTutor to Learn Quran Online?

NoorTutor is one of the best online tutoring websites offering one-to-one and group sessions to students. The platform has teachers specialized in several areas such as English, Arabic, French, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Spanish, Philosophy, Geography, and many more. The platform also offers private/group sessions to learn the Holy Quran.

NoorTutor is extremely convenient and flexible to use where students can schedule their Quran sessions as per the convenience with no constraints of time and place. The platform claims to understand the challenges faced by students to find a teacher, and therefore, strives hard to make the process easy and quick.

NoorTutor aims to connect passionate students with teachers from all over the globe to help them learn difficult concepts and get better grades. NoorTutors also strives hard to make education affordable and accessible to everyone with a commitment to using technology and advanced teaching pedagogy.