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How to Teach Arabic to kids

2022-12-05 |    0

How to Teach Arabic to kids 

Arabic being one of the major and widely used languages around the globe has gained utmost importance especially in the non-Arab countries where parents are trying to figure out how to learn Arabic for kids.

Learning a new language is a great task but kids are naturally adaptable to learn more than 1 language at a time. So, if you want your kids to learn Arabic, start it off right away as they are in the best of their age range.


Whenever a new language is introduced to kids, teachers make sure they engage the kids properly and maintain their interest so that they can happily cooperate with the tutors in this learning journey.

5 Practical tips to teach Arabic to your kids


Here are some of the easy ways to learn Arabic online for kids  that will surely help you out in this regard.

1.   Look out for a native Arabic teacher.

The first and the foremost thing to consider is to lookout for a native Arab tutor who, through his/her experience and grip on language, would make Arabic learning for kids quite easy and interesting.


Learning the Arabic language for kids is always made effective and super engaging by native Arabic teachers because of their vast insightfulness.


These Arabic teachers are also fluent in English so there will be no language barrier. Also that they can teach your kid the exact Arabic accent that is required for this language.

2.               Set a time for your kids for Arabic lessons.

You will have an uncountable list of platforms that are providing online Arabic classes for kids. Opt for the one that suits your time zone.


Discuss your convenient time with them and let your kids enjoy the class at the time they are more likely to focus and understand.

3.               Learn the language with your kids.

If you want your kids to learn Arabic, you should enrol yourself too. Believe me, your kids will learn too fast as they will have you around for talking, reading, and practising.


Group study or peer-pairmakes a good impact on learning for kids. The more inquisitive they get, the more they learn and having a partner around will be beneficial. 

4.               Thoroughly go through the provided curriculum.

The platform you want to shortlist will provide you a Arabic curriculum for kids that is going to be followed throughout the course. If you go through thoroughly and get a little knowledge of what’s going on, your kids will have no difficulty in learning the daily lessons.


The curriculum might involve some interesting Arabic lessons for kids like activities, worksheets, reading, searching, and a lot more, so you as a parent should have the knowledge to guide your kids.

5.               Choose the platform that uses innovative teaching techniques

You must be a little confused after seeing numerous online institutes who are amazingly teaching Arabic. To select the one from them might be challenging. So here are some of the teaching techniques used by the teachers of reputed platforms.

  • Activity based learning.

This era is not about reading a textbook and asking the kids to answer the questions. This is rather boring for kids as they always need some fun element. 


The platforms that are equipped with activity based learning techniques have more ratio of successful results. Activities are designed according to the lesson learnt in the class and these activities help kids revise the new concepts and retain them easily.

  • Reading Arabic books for storytelling.

One of the best techniques to teach a language is to narrate a story in that language. So, look for a platform that appreciates Arabic storytelling sessions in the classes to learn Arabic online effectively. 


Kids always love hearing stories, this way they will learn new words super fast.

  • Showing Arabic cartoons to learn Arabic.

Watching cartoons have a deep impact on kids. They watch and learn the correct usage of terms. They learn unconsciously and then try to repeat the words and sentences when they are playing with their friends.


This is a good way to let kids learn Arabic. Also that the morals taught through cartoons or videos are helpful in personality development and character building.

  • Use fun arabic learning games for kids.

Who does not love to play games? You might wonder how a language can be taught through games. 


Yes!! It is true. Many of the leading online schools use games as a part of teaching. Kids are kept involved in a game and have to speak in Arabic.


These games are based on:

·         Guessing the names,

·         Finding the correct answers,

·         Solving the puzzles,

·         Colouring,

·         Tracing,

·         Cutting & pasting etc

  • Use printable Arabic worksheets for practice.

Worksheet usage is a very good technique to keep kids engaged, reinforce a lesson, and let them work on their own.


As we know kids don't like to write too much. Hence, an objective type of worksheet can help introduce new concepts, let kids answer to the point, and it is easy for the teachers to check as well.



Concluding the article on the thought that learning Arabic is way too easy if selected to learn from a highly reputed online school. The one that is continuously updating their techniques according to the latest trends. Don’t hesitate to step forward and let your kids learn Arabic online as it will help them understand the Quran as well.

 By Arslan Shahbaz